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Creating From A Point Of Balance Is Therapeutic

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

I'm a big fan of taking the time to balance myself before beginning any creative endeavour. Be it painting, writing, physical training or having a meeting. A harmonising of self allows for the best of possibilities and the most satisfying of feelings in the process. It gives us access to information that is there but may not have been available when we are out of balance.

I live next to a particularly beautiful Shrine in Tokyo which offers a tranquil setting where people come in a respectful and appreciative vibe to offer their prayers or simply enjoy the turtles and Koi (Carp) as they live out their lives season to season. At night, if I open my window, I can hear the Bullfrog croaking and the steps of a few evening walkers going past down the lane.

With an idea in my mind, I will not try to expand before I paint. I just allow it to unfold upon the canvas. Giving it permission to be imperfect and to unfold has allowed me to surprise myself in the most delightful ways. The paintings feel so true.

During recent days, a dear relative of mine passed away. Though we hadn't had much time together over the years, I had a lovely memory of him and also, I found him very likeable and warm. Chatting to his companion (being general here for privacy), I heard that she hadn't tried painting but really wants to. I shared my story of just beginning without lessons and putting the paint on the canvas. The comments were welcomed and I thought that, perhaps just for a moment, the idea had soothed the person and given them another possibility of where they could direct some of their focus as time presented. Perhaps when someone loses a partner, it opens the door for new discoveries and adventures that simply weren't possible when together.

I think we all love to feel we make a difference in each others lives. Perhaps sharing our creative experiences is both pleasant and effective. Even though I create a certain balanced vibe before I begin painting, the act itself seems to take that further. It is like lining up with a door at the beginning and then, in action, walking through it. It that space, the harmony begins to sing.

Without a strict schedule or required time of painting, it is easy to sense when you've done enough. I get tired or, I reach a point where I want the paint to dry before moving into the next part. I have used worked one two paintings at once and that works for me well though, in a Japanese apartment, space can be an issue. That observation is stimulating more ideas.

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