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Customer Care

All these paintings are created with love and it is my pleasure to know they might find their way into your heart and home. 

All dealings will be with that same love and care and I welcome any communications regarding choosing a painting, delivery options and other information you may wish to know about the work. 

Thank you for your enthusiasm and appreciation.


Other Opportunities

As I build this platform and continue in the peace and adventure of painting my original art, I welcome opportunities for different ways to share my work and even sell my work. 

I look forward to more surprises in what is created and I welcome other painting enthusiasts to say hello.

Let's enjoy this and so many other creative possibilities of life.

Privacy & Safety

I respect the privacy of my clients in all my work. In saying that, if you would like to share images or thoughts about your purchase with others, please feel free. You are also welcome to share my page with others.

Thank you.

Payment Methods

- Stripe: Credit / Debit Cards
- Offline Payments

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